Coming up for a clever idea for an empty wall can get a little mind throbbing. 
Don't worry-- Pinterest is here! 
Don't act like you don't spend countless hours on the awesome site.

I'm guilty as well, thats why I finally decided on doing something with that DIY board that I'm constantly pinning on. 

Materials for DIY glitter Deer canvas:
                  • Canvas (size of your choice)
                  • Glitter spray paint (I chose Krylon, Orange Burst because it matches the living room accents)
                  • A stencil of a deer head (I used this one)

Once you've cut the deer stencil out, tape the back of the stencil on the middle of the canvas and spray the rest of the canvas.

Try to spray evenly throughout the canvas-- note, the left side of my canvas got a little patchy.

After you've sprayed the whole canvas evenly, wait a couple hours before you remove the stencil. If you feel like you need to go over once more to get a more even coating then feel free to do that.

Once you've removed your stencil, your finished product should look a little like this! 

Being my first real DIY, I am pretty proud of the turnout-- If you decide on doing this project, make sure to send a picture my way! I would love to your recreations!

Happy Holidays!!



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