Fit Friday: Gym OOTD + Cash Talk

Sports Bra: Target 
White Tank: Papaya Clothing
Tights: Academy 
Shoes: Nike Outlet 

Honestly, the first time I stepped in the gym (about 5 months ago) I felt SO uncomfortable. 
I thought I had a spotlight on me and everyone was staring… In reality everyone 
was going about their own business… but in my mind, I looked like
 a lost puppy. 
It's all about being comfortable in your own skin, and the best way to do that is 
wear what makes you feel good and don't worry about anyone or anything but yourself. 
No one at the gym is worried about what you are doing or how you 
look because they are all there to reach their own goals, just like 
you are trying to reach yours. 

But aside from that, I know work out gear can be EXPENSIVE! 
If your first starting out don't go out and buy all this gear because honestly you can 
do without it. I just took some things out of my closet that I've had 
for years (ex: old tanks, tights, tennis shoes that you thought you were gonna wear but never did). 
Start with that, and then if you know you're committed then spend money 
if you think is worth it! 

Have a Fit Friday! 




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