Which to trust: The Scale, Or Your Heart?

Hello loves! Sorry I've been so MIA, but now I'm here to stay! 
(oooo, that rhymed!) 
When it comes to working out, and weight, I might be a little different than most people. 
My mindset: If I feel good, I look good. 
But today I experienced something that made me want to change how I think.

I normally never weigh myself, just because I think it messes with your head when you work out, and you feel like you have to work out more than you're capable of, to achieve a certain number of comfortability.
 So as far back as I can remember, (at least the past 3 or so years), I have been at one constant weight, like every time I do check, its the same. and since then I've been working out a lot more than I have ever in my life, so I thought, naturally, either I'm the same weight, or maybe dropped a few pounds. Especially after all the compliments I've been getting about looking thinner, just made me even more confident about how I looked. 
But just today, I had to go to the doctor for something, and as always, the first thing they do is check your weight, and turns out, I added 4 1/2 pounds to what I thought I weighed! 
Now, I'm not one of those girls who is going to cry because I've gained an extra 5 pounds. But I am confused on what to believe;

Do I trust my heart, and know that I feel confident in my skin, so I shouldn't stress it?
Should I get my but in the gym and start working off these 5 pounds, all because of a number on a scale?

How do you deal with your weight? 
What would you do in my position?
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