Valentines Day: Celebrate Yourself.

Whether your single, in a long distance relationship, or plans with your significant other just didn't work out for the day of lovers, spending Valentines Day alone is just no fun. So instead of moping around all day while being surrounded by cheerful girls with flowers and life size teddy bears, let's make it a fun-filled day for yourself.
 Here are a couple of ideas:

5. Pamper Yourself: 
 The nail salon doesn't require a +1! Turn off the cell phone and reward yourself to a relaxing mani/pedi.
4. Retail Therapy: 
If you're not spending money on buying someone else's gift, that just means more for you! Take a trip to the mall and have a successful shopping trip! 
3. GNO: 
Plan a Valentines themed girls night out with your best single girlfriends! Dress up, buy each other flowers, heart candy boxes, and hit up your favorite restaurant, have fun with it!
2. The Ultimate Date
Whether it's Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, or Johnny Depp, spend the night with your ultimate celebrity crush. Rent a handful of his movies and treat yourself to an eye-candy marathon. 
1. Dinner For One:
For one night, put all of those food pins you constantly pin on Pinterest to use. Choose one of your favorite recipes and head to the grocery store for the ingredients, whip up a special dinner for yourself, candle lit and all. Everyone deserves a little "Me Time." 

Hope you all have an amazing Valentines Day!




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