Rainy With A Chance Of Red-Airport Edition.

 Dressing for the airport is hard enough, and rain makes it even worse.
In my opinion, simple is always the way to go, you don't want to be uncomfortable on a long fight, 
or even a short one.  
Especially when you may have a delay, and will probably be at the airport for hours. 
Plus, with airport security being the most annoying, but important, part of the day, you want to have to deal with that rush and line for as less time as possible.
Today, I am taking off to my favorite city, once again!
 Houston here I come! 
Top: Burlington Coat Factory
Jacket: F21
Jeans: F21
Shoes: Papaya Clothing

Thanks Daddy for taking these pictures for me:) 


PS. quick question; What do y'all think about me cutting my hair? Like straight up short
Let me know via twitter (@sarahcharania) 



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