DIY: V-Day Picture Wall.

While re-decorating my room for the past couple months, (does it ever stop?), I have been doing mini DIY projects to vamp up everything. When it came to thinking of a way to re-design this empty wall behind my couch, everything I came across was either too expensive, or I thought I would get tired of it too quickly… so I decided to put together this little DIY project. It's something that I can take down when I get sick of it and not feel bad about it because it was so inexpensive! 
Plus, with Valentines day just around the corner, I thought it would be fun and festive! 

What you will need:
- String. (yarn, thread, anything will work). Mine is from Target ($1)
- Clothes pins. These are from Target($1 each)

First, print out pictures that you would want on your wall, mine are a mix of pictures of me and my family, and just things and people I love! 
These are all 5x7 but you can do whatever size you want. 

Then, put one clip on each picture (I have 12 pictures and clips) 

 Tape the string across the wall, you can measure if you want… I just guesstimated  
And add each picture and pin to the string in the order you want. 

Hope you enjoyed this little DIY project! 
If you decide to re-create this then make sure to send me a picture via Twitter (@sarahcharania)
or Instagram (sarahcharania). 
I would love to see your DIY Picture Walls! 




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