Review and Swatches: MAC Lipstick in Diva

I've been on a hunt for a vampy, dark burgundy lipstick for a while now. I finally went to MAC and picked up the color Diva! I've heard a lot about this lipstick, so when I went to the MAC counter I knew this is the one I wanted! It's a dark burgundy color and has a matte finish- 
Perfect for Fall/Winter!! 

 The awesome part is that I got this lipstick for FREE!!
 At MAC if you have six empty containers of any of their products you get a free lipstick, so over the years I've been saving up my empty containers of my foundations and other products and I finally had six empty ones! That's one thing I absolutely love about MAC because the products can get kinda pricey so getting anything free for them is amazing! Each one of their lipsticks retail for $15 so this deal made me the happiest girl on earth! 

Diva #A32 Matte Finish.




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