Review: Just Fab & Ananda Boot.

After hearing about for years on youtube, and getting e-mails from them forever, I finally decided to actually order something from them! The item I ordered is called the Ananda Boot. (Here)
They are a quilted pair of knee- high boots and I got them in black (they also have chocolate brown). 
I got my first pair of boots for $19.95, which is an amazing deal in my opinion.
 F21 had similar boots for almost $40 so these were a steal for me! 
(Pros and Cons at the bottom of post)

Pros of Ananda Boot/JustFab:

  • Super comfortable.
  • Amazing quality.
  • I love that they're quilted.
  • Low heel so they are easy to walk in.
  • They have a little elastic so they help the fit. 
  • Love the packaging! (feels like christmas when you get that big box in!) 
  • Affordable.

Cons of Ananda Boot/JustFab:

  • Since I have larger calf muscles (thanks to dance) they only fit with leggings/tights. 
  • Took a week to come in. (I'm kind of impatient)
  • Charges every month, even if you don't purchase anything, unless you skip that month.                                                 (Don't forget to skip!)

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