As many of you may know I got married last July, and picking our venue was one of the first things we tackled. If you are planning a wedding, this post will be your best friend, I kinda wish I had this helping me. I am talking all things wedding venues. The great part about this post is that wedding wire has just made your life a teeny bit easier. With a little assistance from the “Which Wedding Reception Venue is Right for You?” Quiz that WeddingWire created and my list of do's and dont's, I hope to help make the decision making process a little easier (and more fun!)

Photo: FengLong Photography. Decor: Events InStyle by Beenish. Venue: Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia  

Check out this venue cheat sheet. If you are planning your wedding
 in New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles. WeddingWire has hooked it up. 

  • Do your research. This means make a list of all the wedding venues that you are interested in, no matter your budget. 
  • Start getting in contact with the venue's. This is where you will start jotting down cost, and options.
  • Eliminate venues you know that are not in your budget. Lets be honest, weddings are pricey. If it's not in your budget, and your not willing to pay for it. Cross. It. Off. 
  • Start visiting your top venues. If I'm being honest, we only looked at 3 venues. After looking at all 3, we knew our top 2. From there, budget was our deciding factor. 
  • Envision your wedding in all the venue's you are looking at. Decor changes everything, be open minded. 

  • Don't eliminate venues without doing your part. Google all of your venues, look at pictures on Facebook and Instagram and envision your wedding there. 
  • Don't get stuck on a particular style of venue. I never dreamed my wedding to be in a hotel ballroom in fact, that was the one thing I didn't want. But after looking at the Crowne Plaza ballroom, I couldn't stop imagining our reception there.



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