Fit Friday: My Diet.

Starting Weight: 135 Lbs. (April, 2013)
Over All Goal: To weigh 110 by December 2013.
Current Weight: 115 Lbs. (July 2013) 
Total Amount of Weight lost: 20 Lbs. 

Welcome back to another post in the "Fit Friday" series!
It's been a couple of weeks since I've written a Fit Friday post, and that's because I've been away on Vacation for quite some time, and am leaving again in a few days, so I thought I would get this highly requested post in before I disappear again, for a couple of days!

So to start off, my best friend throughout this whole process is myfitnesspal - A calorie counting website
 (I use the app, but you can record on your laptop/computer also)
I log everything I eat along with how many calories I burn a day. Once you download the app, it will help you navigate your way through it so you know how to use it.
This app is super helpful, being Pakistani, I eat a lot of food that I doesn't have labels on it, so I don't always know how many calories are in something, Myfitnesspal has it all, so I can keep track all the time, even when I'm eating ethnic foods. (it also helps me keep track of how much weight I am losing on the "progress" tab). 

Here are some helpful tips when making your diet plan:

#1. Don't Skip Meals: I realized this the hard way, before I knew a lot about health and fitness, I used to skip meals left and right, I would sometimes eat one meal a day, because I thought that it would make me skinny-- since I didn't eat as much, but in reality I was eating double, sometimes triple of what I would have eaten because my body would go into starvation mode throughout the day, and then I would over eat in that one meal I would eat.  After learning the lesson, I started to eat five times a day, all three meals, and two low calorie snacks. (see next point for low calorie snack ideas).

#2: Low Calorie Snacks: If you want to snack, don't pick up a bag of Cheetos and munch away, make sure you know how much you are eating, the best thing to snack on is fruit. But if you do wanna eat something else other than fruit here are some of my favorite low calorie snacks: Keebler Right Bites- 100 calorieMayfield Brown Cow JuniorsThe Laughing Cow CheeseRitz- Whole Wheat Crackers,Sliced Lean Chicken- Kroger

#3. Portion-ize: when filling up your food in your plate, don't think "oh I'm really hungry today I'll eat a lot" What I do is take half the amount I think I can eat, and then if I'm still hungry I will take more. When it comes to cereal and making my own food, I measure how much I put in everything, so that way I know when I look at the label, how many calories are in my meal. Eventually you will know how much a cup, and half a cup is without even measuring, but I'm not to that level yet. 

#4. Eat More Colors: I'm sure you've heard this one before. You know you're food is healthy if you have color on your plate. things that are one color are less healthy than a colorful plate. For example: A bowl of mashed potatoes vs. chicken stir fry with vegetables. 

#5.Cheat Meals: We all have cravings, and want to eat something unhealthy every once in a while, and that is ok! Some people eat one cheat meal per week, and some people eat one cheat meal per month. You have to figure out what works best for you! I used to eat one cheat meal per week, because that's when I was trying super hard to lose weight, now that I know what works best for me, I eat everything I want (in portions) and then burn it off if I feel like I've eaten too much. 

I hope this was helpful, and if you have any more questions 
about my diet or workout routine feel free to comment down below in
 the comment box, or tweet me! (@sarahcharania)




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