Review: Sephora Perfectionist Makeup Sponge (Beauty Blender Dupe)

$12 at Sephora

I originally went to Sephora to buy the Beauty Blender… but when they were sold out, I opted for this "Perfectionist Makeup Sponge" instead. Since I've heard nothing but good things about the Beauty Blender dupes, I decided to give it a try. The lady at the counter told me that both the Beauty Blender and this sponge are made of the same material, the only difference was the shape.
 Because I haven't used the Original Beauty Blender, I can't compare the two, but this is sold as the dupe, and based off of reviews I've seen they work about the same way. 
How to use it: Damp the sponge, and squeeze the excess water out of it, dip it into your foundation and pat it on your face. Make sure not to do any smooth circular motions, do a light patting technique on your skin. 

-Both edges have a point, I use the larger side for my foundation and around the edges of my nose, and the smaller side for my concealer and the inner corner of my eyes. 
-Gives a dewy finish.
- Doesn't cake your foundation. 
- Makeup feels very natural. 
-Comes with a stand. 
-Affordable ($12) 

- Has already started wearing and tearing and I've only used it about 5 times.

I do recommend this product to anyone looking for a product like the Beauty Blender, but doesn't want to pay the price. 
I do plan on eventually buying the Beauty Blender. 



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