Review: Revlon ColorStay Foundation.

Target: $9.99

 Today I'm coming to you with a makeup review for the Revlon ColorStay foundation. From what I've heard, this foundation is the most popular drugstore foundation out there! 
I have a fairly normal skin, except my t-zone is extremely dry so I picked up the normal/ dry skin formula. This is the perfect everyday foundation, I would say its medium to full coverage.
I've been looking for a foundation that makes my skin "glow" and this is the closest I've gotten! 
Though I love my ColorStay Whipped foundation more than this one, just because it gives me more coverage than the normal ColorStay, this is good on days when your just going to school, or a day-date.
I love the thin consistency, I normally apply with a stippling brush but you can dabb it on your face and blend it out with your fingers, and that works really well too. 
The lasting power is about 5-6 hours and that's when it starts to look a little dry on the skin, but not so much that you can really notice. 
Picking the right shade is probably the toughest thing, since in the drugstore there are no samples, but I've used other Revlon foundations I knew I would fall somewhere between True Beige and Medium Beige, I just chose the one that was closest, and ran with it! 
I hope this helped you decide whether or not you want this foundation, overall I think it's a perfect everyday foundation! 

Feels like skin when applied.
Lets your skin breathe. 
Gives a natural glow.
Doesn't last 24 hrs like advertised. 
Difficult to chose color. 
No pump.




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