Spicy Chicken Fried Rice. #ChefSarah

Trying to eat healthy is kind of hard, but I've really been trying to find the healthier side in everything, and if that means I have to cook, that's what I'm going to do! So I came up with this Spicy Chicken Fried Rice using brown rice instead of white rice, and adding a whole bunch of color with vegetables! It may not be super healthy, but its better than take out Chinese!
This is what you'll need:

1.Brown Rice
2.Frozen mixed vegetables 
3.Chicken (I like to use frozen ones that I can just grill, but you can use any kind)
4.Bell peppers
6. JalapeƱos
7.Olive Oil
8.Soy Sauce
9.Siracha Sauce. 


put all of the vegetables in one pan with olive oil,  and fry them until the onions are a golden brown color.

Grill the chicken 

prepare the brown rice separately 

Mix the rice and chicken in with the vegetables 

Add soy sauce and Siracha (optional; I love spicy food!) 

Ready to serve! 

**Add salt as needed** 




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