DAY 1: 

DAY 7:

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Jamberry Nail Wraps were sweet enough to send me a couple of trial stickers so I could review them for you all! At first sight I was so excited, all of the samples that were sent to me looked so cute! I took on the 7 day challenge and the results are above!

The second picture from the top of this page is the first day I put them on. The sweet girl who sent them to me sent an instruction sheet inside of the package so I could successfully apply the stickers. They also have a Youtube video of how to apply/take off Jamberry nails which is super helpful!

To be honest, if you follow the directions putting on the nail stickers is pretty simple.
As you can see on the day 7 picture, there is a little bit of wear and tear around the edges, but I didn't even notice that until like day 6 or something. Compared to normal nail polish, the stickers seem to stay on and are definitely more promising.

Overall, I love these nail stickers and am super excited to try out the rest of them! If you're looking for an easy way to spice up your normal nail routine, this is a perfect way!
You can shop the Jamberry Nail Wrap collection here.



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