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Last night's MTV VMAs were no doubt like any other VMAs, filled with surprises, crazy celebrities, amazing fashion, and some not so amazing. No doubt that the men looked extremely sharp, but the ladies stole the red carpet like always. Keep reading for my best and worst dressed of last nights show! 

1. Selena Gomez- Classic, Beautiful, Trendy this girl has it all, she looked stunning. She's obviously no Disney star anymore, and she's proving it in an classy way-- unlike someone else we all know (ahem ahem, Miley) 
2. Taylor Swift- Her signature "Old Hollywood Glam" look never goes wrong, and I'm not tired of it at all! she pulls it off and I love it!
3. Ellie Goulding- Neutral yet still trendy-- Goulding looked like a real super star! The nude color kept it a little down to earth, and the studs and spikes really spiced it up she looked beautiful!
4. Aubry O'Day- Now, yes the dress is extremely short-- but did she pull it off? YES! She's always been my favorite out of Danity Kane and she looked very appropriate for the VMAs, she took a bit of a risk, but pulled it all together with the clutch and matching pointy toe heels. Loved it!

I also loved Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande! 


1. Miley Cyrus- Yes Miley, your'e not Hannah Montana anymore, WE GET IT! This is no way to prove it! Everything about this outfit is wrong-- and so was everything about her performance, I am truly ashamed. 
2. Lady GAGA- I don't think she's ever impressed me on the red carpet, I think her dress looks like a trash bag-- and the matching hair isn't helping her case.
3. Ciara- She looks like a confused cow girl, the feathers and all one color is not cute-- we haven't seen her in forever, and this is how she shows up! The embroidery is in all the wrong places-- hate it!
4.Rita Ora- This wasn't ALL wrong-- I'm not going to lie-- the color is beautiful, but that's about it. The fitting is awkward, and I don't believe this dress is flattering at all. Also, though you can't see it all in this picture-- the train was insanely long-- THIS ISN'T YOUR WEDDING LADY! 

Of course, there was the good, bad and the ugly-- but the VMAs are made to entertain, and entertain they did! 
JT stole the show and the live reunion of NSYNC was breathtaking, Miley was disgusting, and Kanye and Drake were fabulous! 
Those are just my thoughts, feel free to share yours down in the comments!

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