Tuesday Tips and Tricks: For All My Travelista's On The Go.

Travelista (n):
 A girl who loves to explore, whether she is trotting around the globe or just walking 
around her backyard, she is excited about every new experience.
-Courtesy of Travelistadiary
Now that's a definition that describes me! 
A lot of my friends wonder why I travel so much, but what can I say?! The theory of sitting peacefully 30,000 feet up in the air for a couple of hours, and appearing in a completely different part of the country excites the heck out of me!
 I have been traveling a lot lately, and even have two more trips coming up in the next month. Something I have realized in my recent travels, is that it has been costing me more than usual, most airlines are charging almost $30 per bag! After doing much research, I have come up with five major rules to packing. These rules have really helped me reduce the amount of clutter I pack, and I really hope they help you save some space and money during your holiday travels! 

1. Pack outfits not single items- This is one the most helpful tips in the world! It may be less time consuming if you just take everything in your closet, but what will really save you time on your trip, is if you put outfits together before you pack them. You'll know exactly what you want to wear and when to wear them, you will also have more time to enjoy your trip, rather than spending that time rummaging through your bag! 

2. Repeating clothes is not a crime- Chances are you will repeat a couple articles of clothing at some point during your trip! Take things you know you're going to wear more than once from the get go! It saves tons of space for the other important things you have to take!  

3. Pack what works best, not all your favorites- It's very difficult to not take everything you have, but if you pack your most used items, you will be better off, and that is a promise! We all know you don't need three different foundations, and five chap-sticks, on a trip of four days! Pack the things you know you will use, not all your favorite things! 

4. Ask yourself if you REALLY need that- Whether it's your makeup, skincare products, or even your clothes, before you throw it into that bag of yours, you have to ask the toughest question of all; "Do I really need this?" normally my answers are a "yes…" followed by a sigh ending with a "no…" It's a difficult question to ask, but I promise it will help you eliminate the junk you would normally take!

5. Take advantage of your destination- Usually when I travel I go to a family members house, so they normally have the essentials for me, like toothpaste, shampoo, and a blow dryer. Thank god for that! Packing all of that in my little cary on would be difficult... or dare I say impossible! If you are going to be staying at a hotel, they might have some things provided there for you, so check the website, or even give them a ring before you go! 

Safe travels, and happy holidays to all of you! 

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