Falling For Fall: Top 5 Fall Trends

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The First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox) is on Saturday,September 22, 2012.
My top 5 styling tips & tricks to get ready for Fall! 

1. Go Dark: If you follow fall hair trends you should know that the light hair color is more trendy in the summer time, but normally people go darker in the fall. I had ombre hair all throughout summer and just dyed my hair back to dark brown to get ready for fall/winter! 
Dark Brown, and Dark Red are so trendy in the Fall/Winter.

2. Bring out the heavy stuff: Its almost time to bring out the coats, sweaters, scarves, and boots. You don't have to worry about if these things are going to be "in" or not because they're always in style for fall/winter.
Coats: the style of them might change, from short coats to mid-length, or long but they 
will always be an essential for fall/winter.
Sweaters: If  you are on pinterest you probably have noticed the chunky 
sweater trend for fall already, but that doesn't mean that you can't bring out your
old sweaters from last season. 
PS. if your looking for chunky sweaters for cheap go thrifting!
 you'll find some awesome ones, for an awesome price! 
Scarves: Over the years, I have developed an insane scarf collection (which I might 
do a post on later) bright colored scarves are great for a pop of color for an 
outfit filled with all neutrals. I basically wear a scarf everyday in the winter time.
Boots: For this time of year its super important to keep your little toes warm, and why
not do that an be stylish at the same time? I think its essential to have a
pair of black boots for the fall. they go with anything and are super cute.
I have 3 pairs of boots that I wear all the time in the winter; Black, Grey, and Tan.
These three neutrals come in so much use to me!

3. Get Feisty: Animal print is a great way to spice up a casual outfit, my favorite way to wear animal print is to wear a scarf on a simple outfit, it really creates something interesting! All of these are great ways to pull of animal print, it can be tricky! Mixing colors and textures is a good way to get started! 
PS. I just bought really cute cheetah print loafers from Charlotte Russe for just $20! Can't wait to wear them! 


4. Deep Lips: Don't be afraid to darken things up, deep lip colors are always in. and If your afraid to do a bold red, then start off with a deep raspberry color, they're easier to pull off, and so fall!  

5. Nails, Nails, Nails: As we all know, bright nail polish was such a HUGE trend in spring/summer, but now its time for the dark and deep colors the reds, dark blues, and deep burgundies

Post on my fall nail polish collection will be up in the near future! 




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