Texas Trip (July 24, 2012 - Aug 2, 2012)


Most of you may not know this, but I grew up in Texas and when I moved to Georgia I was physically here, but mentally and emotionally my heart was in Texas, specifically in Dallas but I love Texas in general. So I go back to Houston and Dallas almost every year to visit my family and friends. This year I mainly visited Houston, but we took a short trip to Dallas as well since it's only a short
four hour drive! We did a lot of shopping, eating, and hugging! 
Here are some pictures of me and my family in Texas! 

My cousin Saniya and I being silly at the mall!

Houston Fam-bam! me with my Aunt, Uncle and Brother!
Pizookie!! from BJs 
Posing with my cousins corvette! 

Brother <3

Truck tacos- one of the best types of foods ever! 

Posing at town-center in Sugarland

Passing through downtown Dallas! this is my home <33
InNout! Not as good as Cali but still amazing <3 
Love my family <3 




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