Out with the old, and in with the new!

As much as we don't want to admit it, but the end of summer is approaching us pretty quickly. Some people may have already started school, and for some of us this is last weekend of freedom until Labor Day Weekend. When school starts we will all be busy once again writing those papers, working on projects, or just being crammed with homework. The start of a new school year is almost like starting a new year in general, we make our long-term goals for the whole year and short-term goals for the semester and decide what we want to achieve or what habbits we want to stop. 
One of my main goals is to continue writing in this blog, as well as concentrating in school all at the same time. In such a short amount of time this blog as kept me going through the days and made me get out of bed on my laziest summer days to put on a cute outfit to show to all of you! 

Here are a few ways to make going back to school more enjoyable and some tips to stay on track! 
  1. ShoppingNothing says back to school like a new wardrobe!
  2. Cute school suppliesYou know you're going to be excited to use your brand new notebook with crisp pages, and your colorful pens!
  3. Be organizedEveryone learns in different ways but whether its a method to your madness or being orderly with your papers and books, make sure you know where everything is and don't lose track of your paperwork! 
  4. Use your time wisely- If you have an hour break between classes take your work to the dining hall and do your homework for a class while eating lunch so you can enjoy yourself when you go home, or on the weekends. Multi-tasking will be your best friend! 
  5. Re-group - Make sure you know who your friends are, you don't want to be hanging out with the wrong crowd and bad influences, it's all fun and games until you get off track! 
  6.  Nothing lasts forever- Even with all of the homework, group projects and presentations school is fun! You've been sitting at home for the last three months, so now get up and put on a cute outfit, interact with your friends and enjoy school because in a couple years you'll be out of there and in the real world, so enjoy it while it lasts! :) 
Make this year a memorable one! 


PS. I still have one last vacation left!! 
Cruise to Mexico on the 23rd! :) 



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